Nelson Levine Pearl Natural Diamonds Rose Pearls Pink Sapphire Necklace


Pearl Necklace Natural Diamonds Rose Pearls Pink Sapphire by Nelson Levine

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This 18k gold and pearl necklace was created using a CAD program and printed in wax allowing very fine detailed wire work not normally possible with hand carving or fabricating methods. Molds cannot be fabricated for this piece making it a completely unique beautiful object. The center piece measures one and seven sixteenth inches square. The center 12 mm pearl is surrounded by 23 sparkling white diamonds ( .43 carats) and further enhanced by 8 stunning pink Sapphires (1.02 carats). The necklace itself is composed of 10 mm natural rose colored  pearls and the closure is a proprietary design also created in CAD and 3D printed shaped to follow the roundness of the pearls but using delicate wires giving an airy appearance.  The proprietary globe clasp is three quarters of an inch round.  The end result of all this is a blending of modern technology with old world design and craftsmanship creating an enduring work of jewelry art that will last for generations.
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Made in Brooklyn – USA


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