Nelson Levine Natural Multicolor Gemstone 18K Gold Bracelet


Nelson Levine Natural Multi-color Gemstone 18K Gold Bracelet Cuff

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This 18K gold wire works bracelet is 1″ wide 5/16″ high (off the wrist) and features Pink Spinell, Blue Topaz, Chrome Diopsite, Peridot, Amethyst and Spessatite natural stones.Fits medium wrists.
It was created using a CAD program and printed in wax allowing very fine detailed wire work not normally possible with hand carving or fabricating methods. Molds cannot be fabricated for this piece making it a completely unique and beautiful object.
The end result is a blend of modern technology with classic craftsmanship creating an enduring work of jewelry art that will last for generations.
Made by Nelson Levine.
For security and assurance reasons we ship via USPS Registered Mail.
Made in USA

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